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Dream - Ellie and Jay: Killing Hearts :iconj-solreks:J-Solreks 8 0 Incomplete - Ogremon: Digimon :iconj-solreks:J-Solreks 4 3 Gaohm - B-Fighters: Juukou B-Fighter :iconj-solreks:J-Solreks 1 5 Olympics - Peach, Daisy, Rosalina: Mario :iconj-solreks:J-Solreks 44 5 Hero - Solreks and Ellie: OC Killing Hearts :iconj-solreks:J-Solreks 11 1 Emo Valentine - Rachael and Jay: Killing Hearts OC :iconj-solreks:J-Solreks 7 2 Partners - Witto, Fennis, and Sakura: Eden's Bowy :iconj-solreks:J-Solreks 4 3 Catfight - Elly and Rachael: Killing Hearts OC :iconj-solreks:J-Solreks 3 2 Counter-Productive: Sol-leks: Call of the Wild :iconj-solreks:J-Solreks 4 2 Friends - The Gang: Killing Hearts OC :iconj-solreks:J-Solreks 7 1 Poker - Sara, Ellie, Zoey, Jay, and Heather: OC :iconj-solreks:J-Solreks 4 1 Twister - Lindsay, Zoey, Sara, Jay and Rachael: OC :iconj-solreks:J-Solreks 13 1 COMMISSION//Unaware - Mallow and Acerola: Pokemon :iconj-solreks:J-Solreks 54 7 Defilement - Kama and Lusluth: Killing Hearts :iconj-solreks:J-Solreks 3 2 Hammock Time: Rachael and Zoey: Killing Hearts OC :iconj-solreks:J-Solreks 18 1 Legends Three? - Roll and Tron: Megaman Legends :iconj-solreks:J-Solreks 27 10


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Let's be formal, so "About Me";
My name is...a secret
I am Left-Handed, and yes that's how I draw
California Raised
I've been told i'm quite the roller skater
If you met me, the first thing you would probably notice is my frizzy hair
"Rose Confession" is my all-time favorite song
Blondes are my weakness
I freeze very easy, but no-one will outlast me in the heat
I think I am more clever than I am
I have played every main Pokemon to date
I am a gentleman at heart.
So now you know WAY more about me than you need to.

I have received quite a few requests and I am very flattered that you think I have what it takes to draw your requests, so let's talk about how I handle this.

1. First off yes I am open to Commissions (no longer do requests) at the fee of $15.00 USD beforehand per request, involving 1-2 characters. In addition, I will only do a request if it's something I feel like taking on (I'm fickle, what do you want).

2. If you're going to make a request, don't assume I know what game/anime/ect. you're talking about, instead please include a detailed message involving the IP and characters of your request.

3. Lastly, there are some requests i just won't take on such as;
extra limbs
Wrinkle soles
Just to name a few, believe me the more requests I get the more i'll update this list.

If you're okay with my rules and want to request a commission then feel free to PM me your request indetails.


Sisters - Sara and Ashley: Killing Hearts OC
This has always been one of my all-time favorite sketches i've started submitting my art and now it's time to give it the well deserved makeover! Revisions on this one included Ashley's attire completely changed, as well as Sara's Shoes as well as her bangs left unshaded. Man after all my sketches that i've done since this one it's still probably my favorite of my work since not only was it made from scratch but also how it ended up even before this revision.

Total Time: 5 hours approximate

References: Stock Google images

Personal Score: 9/10, I've always liked how this one ended up.
Psychic - Jasmine and Sabrina: Pokemon
So I am recently replaying Pokemon Soul Silver and having a good time doing so, everyday going to rematch all the various Gym Leaders and what not. Anyway I thought it would be funny if while the Gym Leaders were waiting for you to rematch them in the Safferon Dojo that Sabrina would use her Psychic powers and start messing with them? tada! here is my mind at work.

Total time: 3-4 Hours Approximate

References: Google images

Personal Score: 7/10, sweet, sweet Jasmine.
Dream - Ellie and Jay: Killing Hearts
This is a sketch based off a dream I had many years ago, I strongly recommend listening to "Anakins Theme" while reading this as it perfectly fits the feeling.

(0:00) He awakens the young man wrapped in darkness to the dew from a leaf landing on his face as the morning light piercing through the thick lush forest, he arises to see a young lady smiling at him as she picks flowers across the stream nearby and beacons him to follow her.

(0:15) As they walk together on this little dirt road leaving the forest he looks up at the immense high of the trees protecting this sanctuary, as they past the last of the trees the intensity of the bright sun and blue sky makes the young man shun his eyes for but a moment as he continues to follow the young lady to a little town hidden by the quiet green hills.

(0:45) The young man looks on at astonishment at this town of little cottages surrounding a stone-paved market place occupied by a dozen of the townsfolk, the young lady brings her findings to a nearby wooden kart and displays them to the neighbors and converses with them and the young man watches beside her silently. The peaceful air breeze carries the sound of children's laughter along with the scent of fresh baked bread from the baker nearby in the marketplace bringing a once present smile to the young man's face.

(1:18) As the sun raises directly above them the young lady turns and smiles to the young man and grabs his hand urging him to follow her yet again, this time behind the beautiful hills of the town. They sit together on the tallest hill as she points to the vast green valley with hills that have no end as she begins to share with him her dream and seeing what lies beyond there...together. The young man ponders on her dream and smiles at her with the agreement longing the same, but he knows there's one thing he must do before that as he rises and heads back to the forest in which they met, assuring her he will return as she lets go of his hand.

(1:36) The sun was setting on the last of the peaceful hills as the young man approached the forest on the road he had taken to leave and Dusk and come as he continued into the vast dark forest until he reached an open field illuminated by the moonlight. As the young man stood at the center of this field he began to rebuke the darkness inside of him, on his knees he began to shed the darkness he had known in earnest to be the partner for her.

"...are you sure?"

(1:47) His pain was real as he ripped the chains of darkness off, proving to be stronger than they as he collapsed to the ground exhausted.

(2:02) When the young man finally awoke it was after sunrise and he began to make his way from this field back into the forest and onto the road which would lead him to the young lady waiting for him to return, he moved quicker than ever gland full of hope and determination as he found the road and swiftly made it out of the forest towards the peaceful hills hiding the secluded town.

(2:14) As he made the pass around the last hill to the village his pace slowed, the marketplace was empty as he drew closer to the village. Now standing in the center of the marketplace he walked towards the bakers kart and peeked into the was nothing more than dust and webs, he then turned towards the young lady's kart and slowly and painfully walked towards it...only to discover what remained of wilted dead flowers. One last glance at the town he saw nothing more than broken windows and dust blanketing all....not a single voice in the wind, not a single person in sight...there never was....she never was.

2:21 His old friend despair stood on the left of him and gazed into his sinking heart licking his chops, darkness then arrived at his right with a grin as he placed his hand on the young man's shoulder and leaned into his ear.

"...Never again"

(2:34)The young man begins to make his way back towards the solitaire forest, this time with his head down and his tears hidden to the rising sun.
Incomplete - Ogremon: Digimon
Okay confession time, I like Ogremon...there I said it, I've always sympathized with underdog villians and Ogremon is right near the bottom. I'm glad they gave him a change of heart later on in the series as he decides to join the Digi-Destined in their fight against the Dark Masters, however when the fight was over Ogremon then Decides to leave as he states because he is still a Virus type Digimon and disappears....only to never return again. I feel like there was a missed opportunity in season 2 for him to have made a return or even an evolved Ogremon but alas, I would like to think after he parted from them he would often visit Leomon's grave and weep....awaiting his return.

Total Time: 4 hours (my second project from my art group)

References: Google

Personal Score: 7/10, the only part i'm unsatisfied with is I don't feel I captured the rain or the drops falling off his hat.
I have been beyond busy lately with work so and it's apparent that my submissions have been slowing down, the good news is I recently started a weekly Artist group in my town with three others so now I have dedicated time to draw...just don't expect to see my usual type of work lol. 


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